Welcome to the Training Stage! Go here to learn battle mechanics.

You basically fight DummyBlobDummy Blobs here. Dummy blobs have the worst stats in the game(1 for each stat, excluding HP(it have 10)), and only know very weak attacks, so don't worry, they shouldn't cause any problem.

N00bn00b vs DummyBlobDummy BlobModifier

N00bn00b is faster.

N00bn00b used r i anoing?

DummyBlobDummy Blob took 3 damage!

DummyBlobDummy Blob used splash!

N00bn00b used COMBO! r i anoing + r i anoing?

6 damage!

DummyBlobDummy Blob used splash!

N00bn00b used r i anoing?

DummyBlobDummy Blob fainted!

N00bn00b wins!

n00b: uMG! i wn!

NutikNutik VS Dummy BlobDummyBlobModifier

Nutik's speed 120 > Dummy Blob's speed 1 so Nutik goes first.

NutikNutik uses Poison Claw!

8 damage!

DummyBlobDummy Blob used Splash!

No effect...

Dummy Blob takes 7 damage from poison!

DummyBlobDummy Blob Fainted!

Nutik: All part of training.


Noob's BattleModifier

  • n00b has a base speed stat of 50, so he's faster than dummy blob.
  • r i anoing has a base power of 10. Calculated, it would do 3-4 damage to Dummy Blob.
  • Splash doesn't do anything.
  • Combos are special "moves": They can only be used once in battle. They are basically a combinaison of two moves.

Nutik's BattleModifier

  • Nutik's speed is insanely high, making him go first.
  • Poison Claw's impact does Attack/5. The poison does Magic/10 a turn.
  • Splash, well, you will know if you play Pokemon.
  • Poison occurs after each time the enemy attacks.

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