Here's the RP thingy.


N00b and nutik
These two guys are the hero. Here are thier goals:

n00b: i wants t0 be the r0bl0xian with the m0st Tix!!11

Nutik: My goal is to destroy as much physics as possible.

Moves and AbilityModifier


Ability: Noob: Divides by half all stats.

Moves(Four at level 1):

  • Splash
  • i b scared: Makes n00b flee from battle.
  • r i anoing?: Makes the enemy takes annoyance damage.
  • listen to me n00b!: Makes the enemy sleep.
  • Slingshot: Does about 1-2 damage most of the time. Hits 2-5 times.
  • Superball: Hits for multiple turns. Does a lot of damage at first, but gets weaker and weaker.


Ability: Godly Manor (Devil/Fire attacks do 20% Damage)

  • Poison Claw: Poisons the enemy. Impact power based on ATK and poison affected by MAG.
  • Blood Fang: Drains health. Affected by MAG.
  • World Corruption: Harms all enemies with 10 small attacks. Needs charge up.
  • Whirlwind: Blows all enemies back with a tornado-like structure. Affected by MAG. (33.333% Flinch chance)
  • Holy Prescence: Defense + 25, Magic + 5. (Can be used only once in battle)
  • Hyperactive: SPD and ATK + 5.